Production time is currently 3-5 business days before orders ship out. Free shipping on all orders!
Production time is currently 3-5 business days before orders ship out. Free shipping on all orders!
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About Smiles + Co by Jill



Smiles + Co by Jill is a collective of unique gifts and curated finds. We know that gift giving and finding the perfect gift can be difficult. We want Smiles + Co to be a place where you can find thoughtful gift ideas for all of life's happy and hard moments.

I learned the art of giving from my beautiful Mom, Jill, and Smiles + Co by Jill is dedicated to her loving memory. She taught me that giving gifts is not about the amount of money you spend or accumulating more stuff; it's about taking the time to show others that you care and support them. We believe that some of the best gifts are experiences, quality time, acts of service and kind words. We strive to offer meaningful mementos that can serve as keepsakes for these intangible gifts.

Every single piece we sell at is either designed or curated with love by me, Amanda, and is inspired by Jill. I want to share her positivity, inspiration, strength, faith and sense of humor with everyone. I also have a blog where I share more of our personal stories and gift guides with ideas and product recommendations created to help you with intentional gift giving!

It has always been my personal dream to work in fashion, however, the fashion industry is the second largest contributor to pollution in the world. The most sustainable way to shop is by buying something that's already in existence. This is why Smiles + Co also offers new and pre-owned clothing, accessories and home decor. I'm so excited to share these fabulous finds with you! When you shop resale, you are helping to keep clothing out of landfills. You can find links to our Poshmark Closet and Ebay Store here

In 2018, I left my job to pursue Smiles + Co on a full-time basis. None of this would have been possible without the help of my supportive husband, Richard. He truly believes in our mission and assists with shipping, bookkeeping, accounting and many other essential tasks alongside of his full-time job. This allows me to focus on designing, creating, curating, listing and customer service. I'm also thankful for my sister, April, who is a beautiful reflection of our Mother and helps with design inspiration by sharing memories and encouragement. 

I wish that Mom could be here to see Smiles + Co grow, but I believe God is giving her all the details in Heaven. When making a purchase from Smiles + Co by Jill, you are not only buying a fabulous gift or curated treasure for a loved one or yourself. You are also supporting a small business, a big dream, and honoring the memory of Jill and her fight against metastatic breast cancer. #justiceforjill